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Clear Aligners 

Can Change Everything

Whether you have been dreaming of having a beautiful smile for thirty years or whether you are only 22 years old, there is a beautiful smile waiting to be uncovered and it all starts here – getting them straight with ClearCorrect® clear aligners!

Why Clear Aligners?

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, but aren’t a big fan of metal braces, clear aligners might just be the thing for you. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too. Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, can wear out faster, and are more prone to cavities. And once you’ve got a smile you love, you may just find you can’t help but show it off.


Compared to traditional wires and brackets, clear aligners are comfortable.


It’s easy to remove aligners and eat whatever you like. There are no wires to trap food or get in the way when you floss.


Clear aligners show off your smile, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

How do Clear Aligners work?

Clear aligners are removable orthodontic appliances that apply light controlled forces to your teeth to gently move them into more desired positions. A series of aligners are typically made with each set of aligners designed to move your teeth closer to the final proposed outcome. Each set of clear aligners will usually only be worn for 2 weeks before you will progress to the next set. The number of sets needed to achieve the desired outcome will vary according to the complexity of your case and cannot be determined without a diagnostic intra-oral scan. Below is a breakdown of the treatment process:

01. scan. plan.

We start by scanning your teeth and taking the necessary radiographs and photographs. We then start the digital planning process.

02. production.

When we have reviewed and approved your case with you the manufacturing process starts. The aligners are produced in the United States.

03. treatment.

You will receive a new set of custom clear aligners roughly every two weeks. You will continue to receive new sets until we have achieved the planned result.





Dr Helena van der Linden

Dr Helena van der Linden

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