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Goodbye Wrinkles

Reverse the signs of ageing

Fine Wrinkles

Fighting the good fight against deepening lines and fine wrinkles on your face? We agree, they don’t belong there! That is why we trust combination treatments with neuromodulators and dermal fillers to take care of these. Scared of what people might say or that you’ll be the next model on Botched? Not to worry, the secret is to start early and to use in moderation – we know this all too well and guarantee you’ll love it!

Lines and fine wrinkles appear when we frown, squint and laugh. It is then important to note that not all lines and fine wrinkles are necessarily bad and that is why we aim to treat only the ones that causes us to look tired, stressed and older than our age. Think of the treatment as a very specific muscle relaxant which causes the muscles responsible for the lines and fine wrinkles to take a break and allow the ‘good’ muscles to do some lifting – making us all look crisp and fresh.

What to expect

15 minute treatment

Firstly, Dr van Niekerk will begin by listening to your concerns, followed by a discussion on all the available options to best treat each concern. Treatment options may include the use of neuromodulators, but for optimal results, Dr van Niekerk uses a multidisciplinary approach.

The discussion may then be followed by a quick cleanse of the areas to be treated and the application of a topical anaesthetic. After removal of the anaesthetic, Dr van Niekerk will do a facial mapping and carefully apply the treatment to each area. Within 15 minutes there is no visible sign that any treatment was done, making this the perfect lunchtime ‘shopping run’. There are a few simple rules which Dr van Niekerk will discuss with you – they exist to prevent movement of the product and ensure a longer lasting effect.

In 3-4 days you will notice some changes starting to take place. It will still be possible to frown, however, it will be much harder. Lines that used to show will now be gone. After 2-4 weeks the treatment will have its maximum effect – so keep this in mind when booking prior to your Big day! And because we are all different, the effect of the product lasts between 3 and 6 months regardless of the amount being used – Dr van Niekerk therefor strongly recommends visits every 4 to 7 months using moderate quantities. Less really is more in this case!

For more information about treating lines and fine wrinkles in Umhlanga, or to schedule a consultation, contact The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium Umhlanga at 031 566 5121. Also don’t forget to have a look at our Results page to see what we can do. We also have a dedicated online shop where we offer the right products to keep your smile sparkling and healthy.

Price per UnitBest Price Guaranteed

ZAR 70

VAT incl.
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Product of Allergan
  • Safety Conditions Apply


ZAR 1120

VAT Incl.
  •  15 Minutes


ZAR 980

VAT Incl.
  •  15 Minutes

Crows Feet

ZAR 840

VAT Incl.
  •  15 Minutes

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