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There are many CBCT machines available to dentists, but the Sirona Axeos is different – a flagship model that delivers large volumes at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail. It is this accuracy and the speed with which the images are taken that prompted Dr van Niekerk to invest in this remarkable machine.

‘Taking the most accurate images ensures that we see the finest detail during diagnosis and deliver the most predictable results when planning and executing implant treatment.’

Dr Thinus van Niekerk

Why modern dentistry

depends on CBCT

A CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography machine is able to take a series of two dimensional images that are processed by a computer to produce a 3D rendering of the area. The rendering is then used to investigate the area and to accurately plan treatment. This technology has revolutionized dentistry.

‘Without this technology modern dentistry cannot be performed – which is why we have invested in the best’

Advances in technology have lead to much faster scan times which reduces the risk of dimensional inaccuracies caused by movement of the subject during a scan. The sensors are more sensitive which has drastically reduced the amount of exposure needed to produce quality images.

Why this is

important to you


Better diagnosis

With a voxel size of 0.04mm the Sirona Axeos produces larger volumes with more detail, therefor enabling us to diagnose with more certainty.

Predictable planning

Having access to so much valuable information has empowered us in all aspects of the treatment planning process.

Less exposure

Improved sensor sensitivity and fully customizable exposure programs means you receive a minimal dose without compromising on quality.

Implant planning

CBCT technology makes guided implant planning and placement a possibility. The quality and accuracy of the Axeos volumes eliminates the uncertainty.

Invisalign planning

With CBCT integration we predictably plan and manage the movement of your teeth from crown to root tip.

Kindly contact us should you be interested in more information about the Sirona Axeos CBCT. Anyone stands to benefit from this technology and we regularly provide volumes to fellow colleagues and specialists in both the dental and medical fields.

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